Albuquerque Melt Down….

…….and I thought our Salt Lake Bees had problems!! 

In todays much needed victory against the Albuquerque Isotopes ( even if the only reason it was a much needed win is to keep the brains in my head.. cause at the Bees’ current pace of SUCKINESS I am at the verge of blowing them out..) , there was a pretty narly altercation in the Isotope’s dugout.

It goes like this…….The Isotopes defense had their struggles against our base runners. If I were managing my Comp team I would call it laziness…. The Bees advanced runners multiple times because after plays were seemingly over, Isotopes players would wander away from their base and our Bees runners would advance with very little opposition.

A couple times the runners advanced with the ball in C Miguel Olivo’s hand. I got the feeling he was upset that no one was talking to let him know there was a runner, and when they DID scream “runner!”, no one was at the bag to cover a play. …. That is certainly a cluster of plays that got under the skin of Olivo. 

For the life of me I can’t figure out what started what happened next…  

JB Shuck was walking to the dugout after the Bees last out and stood rubber necked for quite a while staring at the opposing dugout. I took the cue and looked over there and noticed some New Mexicans not getting along! 

Isotopesfight1**** Miguel Olivo and Alex Guerrero looking like they are being seperated

Isotopesfight2**** Alex Guerrero being seperated at one end of the dugout 

Isotopesfight33**** After the Isotopes half of the inning started, Guerrero was walking the length of the dugout towards the clubhouse/bat-rack and SOMEONE sucker punched him as he was walking passed. From the photos it seems that Miguel Olivo is very much involved. He seems to be grabbing AG around the neck in this photo.

Isotopesfight4**** The game temporarily stopped. Joc Pederson looking on. It still seems Miguel Olivo is in the middle. 

Isotopesfight5***** Stuff is going down!! 

Isotopesfight6*****Alex Guerrero is noticing that he caught one pretty good and checking for blood. Miguel O is on the right still seemingly mad doggin. 

Isotopesfight7***** Manager Damon Berryhill is assisting Alex Guerrero with an ice pack down to the club house. Olivo was immediately substituted as well as Guerrero. Olivo did stay in the dugout for the duration of the game however. Im not too sure if fighting in the dugout warrants an ejection. 

Again…. remember I am just letting the photos tell the story, other than I saw Guerrero get punched surprisingly while walking the dugout, I am not to sure what instigated it…. 

To put a cherry on top…… this was the annual Kids Day at Smith’s Ballpark!! The messages are anti drugs and anti BULLYING. ( Im kind of laughing right now.) 


7 thoughts on “Albuquerque Melt Down….

  1. According to ESPN – Miguel Olivo has been suspended by the organization pending the conclusion of an investigation into the altercation. Interestingly enough though…. I thought they would have just cut him immediately.. So for the time being he is still on the Albuquerque Isotopes roster. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO THESE DAYS TO CUT YOURSELF FROM A TEAM!!!???

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