Re! Spect! WALK-OFF!

If you were at Smith’s Ballpark for games 1 and 2 of this Fresno series, then you have seen our Salt Lake Bees walk-off the Grizzlies both times ….If you have been keeping track of the Bees’ record through the 14 games they’ve played this year, aside from throwing up in your mouth just a little, you have noticed those were only the third and fourth wins…. However, I am inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt simply because the Bees are essentially a brand new team. They need a minute to JIVE… to MESH…. to GET COMFY….. to PUT THE COOOOL HAT ON…..


Ok thats enough.. 

Last night Bees’ LF Roger Kieschnick was partly to blame for losing a 2-0 lead in the top of the ninth inning due to the classic “now you see it, now you don’t” play (the Rule Book calls it an Error…).

With a 2-2 tie in the bottom of the ninth, Alfredo Marte singled to LF and then advanced to scoring position after an Alex Yarbrough sacrifice bunt. This is when Kiecshnick came up and had a chance to make up for his defensive blunder a half inning before.

It was not to be as Kiecshnick struck out looking.

WHAT WAS TO BE was a sequence of events that ended with Daniel Robertson singling on a grounder stopped up the middle by the waiting Fresno 2B Joe Scalfani, who in turn committed a throwing error trying to catch baserunner Marte at 3B. 


Marte scored on the errant throw, and just like the girl who named her car Brad on the Liberty Mutual insurance commercial…..

They broke into their happy dance… 






Salt Lake Bees Baseball 2015!!

It’s here!! Salt Lake Bees Baseball is finally here to sooth the woes of bummed out Jazz fans and itchy college football fans! 

Now, depending on which way you lean, we can either credit the Baseball Gods for the good conditions at the game tonight or credit could go to whoever gave Mother Nature a strong dose of Lithium to subside her schizophrenic weather pattern decisions……

Either way…… Right on!

The Bees are looking strikingly new this year. In fact, at the start of the season, Grant Green was the eldest statesmen in the clubhouse. Kinda strange.. I mean… it’s a good thing because minor league regulars like Efren Navarro and Matt Shoemaker have finally been given much deserved big league roster spots to start the season, when normally we would be seeing them slave away in the black, white and orange with their talents contained to Triple A. 

There are some exciting players to start this year and we’ll be doing some player analysis sometime soon. 

Despite the ridiculous 1-7 start to the season, I’m optimistic..(Easy for me to say after only EIGHT games!!). There will be some pretty substantial changes in regards to teams we normally see. Some of the PCL clubs and their respective Major League counterparts played musical chairs…. Now… they all found a seat when the music stopped, but some of the changes will affect who we see roll in. 


Albuquerque Isotopes (Los Angeles Dodgers) –Colorado Rockies– 

Colorado Springs SkySox (Colorado Rockies) –Milwaukee Brewers–

Fresno Grizzlies (San Francisco Giants) –Houston Astros–

Nashville Sounds (Milwaukee Brewers) –Oakland A’s–

Sacramento River Cats (Oakland A’s) –San Fransisco Giants–

Oklahoma City Dodgers (Houston Astros) –Los Angeles Dodgers–

Im thinking it will be exciting to catch a rung on the Houston Astros’ ladder of superstar minor leaguers, more than once ever other year! 

…..And with that……….See ya at the BALLPARK! 

More Trouble For Josh Hamilton…

Bad news coming out of the Angels’ camp…. Yesterday (Wednesday), Hamilton was in New York to meet with MLB about a disciplinary action. Neither the team or MLB is commenting on the specifics, but according to the LA Times and CBSSPORTS writer Jon Heyman, Hamilton admitted to MLB about a cocaine relapse a couple months back.

More details as soon as they come out.

** story HERE

Jepsen for Joyce…Here’s My Number…


Well, another Salt Lake Bees graduate has been traded away to the massive abyss of the MLB. Angels P Kevin Jepsen has been moved to the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for OF Matt Joyce. Jepsen will reunite with another Bees alum, INF Sean Rodriquez, who was part of the disgustingly terrible trade that brought Scott Kazmir to the red team along with his $25 million baggage.


This post is about Kevin Jepsen and Matt Joyce. I’m not still aching from that Kazmir deal, I promise.

It will be bittersweet to see Kevin go as he was a large part of the Bees relief core before his promotion. And as a machine that breaks down often, we could always count on him to come say hi here in Salt Lake.

On a closing note…. I don’t quite understand the trade as it doesn’t read seem like Joyce has anywhere to play….. Kinda weird right? ….Maybe???? Ahhh, maybe not.